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We have observed how much the world has moved on in terms of communication. Today we know how important it is to receive and submit real-time information. In this sense, Internet is an essential tool for any company to stand out in the market. Greenpharma is keeping up and adjusting itself to the communication advancements, being tuned in to the day-to-day events, 24 hours a day. The idea is to take advantage of the speed of information to increasingly create good business.

We are a young and solid company which aims at becoming one of the best Brazilian pharmaceutical industries, and consequently, in South America. To consolidate our objectives, we are investing in computer technology and in media that allow us to be well tuned with distributors, representatives, and customers. In other words, in tune with the world.

Our actions are already becoming reality. We are implementing “Talk to the President”, which is a direct line between Greenpharma and its target audience. You just have to fill the form in contact menu, by which all customers can clear their doubts or get clarifications.

Another important action is the launch of Greenpharma’s new website. It will bring current and consistent information that is interesting to our audience. This communication channel will inform you about our launches, line expansions, social projects, events. In other words, all topics that are related to our market.

Eduardo Gonçalves, MD