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Greenpharma Química & Farmacêutica Eireli, pharmaceutical industry founded in 1989, located in the city of Anápolis between two Capital cities, Goiânia (44 km) and Brasília (120 km).

In 1995, it was acquired by a young visionary industrial pharmacist, Eduardo Gonçalves, who has always been focused in the development and manufacturing of medicines with quality and effectiveness, in compliance with the required sanitary requirements and providing a better quality of life to its users, using the following slogan: Health above all else!

It was one of the first pharmaceutical industries established in Distrito Agroindustrial de Anápolis [Anápolis Agroindustrial District] (DAIA) and the first to have its own Pharmaceutical Equivalence Center (EQFAR-21) in 05/May/2001, being a member of the Rede Brasileira de Laboratórios Analíticos em Saúde [Brazilian Network of Health Analytical Laboratories] (Reblas), qualified by Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária [Brazilian Sanitary Surveillance Agency] (Anvisa).

The entire industrial plant has a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) issued by ANVISA for the manufacturing of Oral Solids (tablets, coated tablets, and capsules), Semisolids (creams and ointments), Liquid and Oral Drops (solutions and suspensions), Injectable (small volume vials) lines, as well as the Technical and Operational Conditions (TOP) for Antibiotics and Cephalosporins. The installed manufacturing capacity is greater than two (2.0) billion pharmaceutical units per year.

The drug line comprises generic products and the like with medical prescription, and over-the-counter (OTC) and the like, acting in the Pharmaceutical (Pharmacy and Drugstores) and Hospital (Hospital and public bodies) divisions.

Greenpharma has a commercial structure which is formed by commercial representatives who act in two segments, Pharmaceutical and Hospital, in all Brazilian States, which make the drugs produced available in the main Pharmacies and Drugstores, as well as in public health networks of several cities and States throughout the Brazilian territory, being marketed and distributed by the main Brazilian Distributors.

The precautions with the quality of the drugs produced start well before manufacturing, by means of qualification of manufacturers and raw material suppliers, drug development, stability and degradation process studies, and pharmaceutical equivalence and bioavailability tests in Study Centers laboratories recognized by Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária [Brazilian Sanitary Surveillance Agency] (ANVISA).

The manufacturing process uses state-of-the-art production and analysis technology in compliance with validated official monographs, ensuring the quality of drugs manufactured in each step of the production. Greenpharma is committed to the environment preservation and professionals’ health quality, and through the management of control, recycling and rational disposal of residues program, it has a sustainable maintenance of the environment ensuring better quality of the environment and the society’s health.

In compliance with the current laws and especially with the General Law of Data Protection (LGPD), Greenpharma through its Code of Conduct, Ethics and Values, ensures the respect for privacy, freedom of expression, the inviolability of intimacy and honor, innovation, free enterprise and competition, consumer protection and human rights regarding freedom and dignity.

Attention, confidence and safety through health ethics and respect, provide our medicines with the great differentials of the Greenpharma brand, quality, efficacy and HEALTH ABOVE ALL ELSE!