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Greenpharma factory has a linear production line, with all requirements necessary to protect the manufacturing processes with the purpose of ensure our products’ quality.

The entire factory is air-conditioned, it has an adequate ventilation system and filtered air conditioner. Another important measure adopted in the factory is the orderly positioning of the equipment, which aims at preventing the mixing of several drugs.

The water used in the factory has also a distinct treatment. The water intended to wash utensils and equipment goes through a reverse osmosis purification process.

The laboratory has also implemented several innovations to make the manufacturing and distribution processes of its products more agile and strict.

For example, Greenpharma has a rigorous quality control system, in which the entire drug manufacturing process is carefully and strictly monitored, with assessments of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products, in addition to equipment calibration.

All of our processes undergo several steps of quality control, ensuring then the efficacy of our products.